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Background Checks

From a new business partner, employee or someone, you have met online. These can be some of the reasons you are looking to have their background checked. We have the best private investigators in the region who can perform all manner of background checks on people that will give you the information you require.

Background Checking, the Reasons Why

Court Judgements

Civil Court Records Or Cases

Restriction Orders

Driving History

Criminal Convictions

Prior Employment History

Verify Education

Credit History Or Bankruptcy

Polygraph Test In Office Service

Find the truth when you need to know

Our services are 100% confidential

Personal or Employment Checks

These forms of checks focus more on a given individuals history to find if they are suitable for a high ranking position within a company, or they are appropriate to enter into a personal relationship with.

Honesty, reliability, and integrity are what we seek in people, yet not all are comfortable with divulging information regarding their past. When this happens, they can easily mislead us all from the truth.

Online Agencies and Databases

Many staffing agencies claim to do background checks on all of their placements. Most of these staffing agencies are not licensed private investigators and do not check all national or local courts for information. These organizations rely on online databases for their data, and although these can come in handy, there is one significant downfall to using these in Las Vegas for your checks.

In Nevada, many courts do not report their cases, and the reason being, Nevada is a non-reporting state. Now when these agencies look for a hit against a background check on an individual, much of the information could be sat in a court and will never come to light.

Criminal Background Check In Las Vegas Nv

What We Do

Private Investigators Of Las Vegas makes sure all non-reporting courts are checked along with the reporting courts. We will never rely on one of the many cheap options for providing you with information.

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable private investigators have many means of finding out about a personal background or bug detect. Rest assured the information we give will be current, and a complete history. Any information we receive will be done so at the highest rate of confidentiality.

Our Commitment

We have over the years had our private investigators carry out thousands of background checks for personal or company requests. We know that doing this can be highly sensitive, and not just for any information we might find.

We offer excellent rates for our background checking services, yet we make sure that we are discreet in our operations. You will also be safe in the knowledge; the checked person will never find it was you who ordered this checking service against them.

Confidentiality works both ways, yet in this day and age, not everyone is saying who they are. We guarantee we perform all checks in Las Vegas to the best of our skilled investigator's abilities who always hand checks all of the results they obtain.

People say

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“We were looking for a new operations manager. The candidate never mentioned his drink driving record. This came to light once Private Investigators Of Las Vegas checked.Happy to say, we still hired him, he is good at his job.”

J Bridges

Las Vegas

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