Coolest Casinos In Las Vegas

Las Vegas NV Cityscape At Night

Las Vegas is the hub of casinos. This city is dominated by casinos. When you go inside them, they are just jaw dropping. This is because, these casinos have a lot of offer to their visitors. You can have a taste of a theatre, restaurant, art, club, malls as well as many other activities in these casinos. But, choosing the right casino involves a lot of personal preference. As you have to keep in mind a few things. For instance, it depends on the budget, ability level as well as the gambler’s favorite game. A few of these casinos are special for poker rooms, excellent ambiance or else for loose slots.

So, here we are with our list of amazing and coolest casinos in Las Vegas. You must visit them if you want to enjoy your trip to this lively city.

  1. Aria casino:

The number one casino in our list is the Aria casino. There are many reasons behind it. First of all, this casino occupies 150, 000 square ft. All of the gaming tables are surrounded by shops, cafes and amazing restaurants. The presence of natural light coming through the windows creates a lively and interesting environment. It offers baccarat, big six; black jack, Caribbean stud; craps as well as many other games to the players.

  1. Caesars Palace casino:

This casino is known for the liveliest games. If you want some action, then this is the best spot for you in Las Vegas. This is because of the reason that the casino plays on the biggest bets. Many celebrities and famous people come to this very casino to spend their evenings. The most stunning thing about this casino is the use of gold platted coins. The one million jackpot use gold platted coins for its bets.

  1. El Cortez casino:

If your hopes are high but you have little or no cash, then this is the right place for you. This place has something to offer to everyone. Surprisingly, you can still find coin operated slots in this casino. These are almost extinct in Las Vegas. If you are willing to try your luck, here is El Cortez casino for you.

  1. Golden Nugget casino:

If you are in mood to play with larger bankrolls, then you must hit this place. They are offering baccarat and blackjack to the players. You can play a lot of games in this casino.

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