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Investigations of Missing Persons

An individualis classed as a missing person after 24 hours, and this is if the person didn’t leave Las Vegas of their own accord. In some cases, these first hours are crucial, especially when children or youngsters are concerned.

Private Investigators Of Las Vegasuses many private investigators who start looking immediately without waiting for this period to lapse. A Las Vegas missing person investigator needs to react as soon as contact has been made. All our private detectives have many years experience in finding missing persons.

As for assurance, we make sure any client is kept in the loop of anyinformation or update which has been found. We also personally guarantee we’ll never stop looking until we’ve been informed to cease the investigation.


Who Hires Private Investigatorsfor Missing Persons?

Here are examples of anyone who might wish to use the services of a Las Vegas Private Investigator to undertake a missing person investigation.


  • Family members or partners who have vanished with no explanation
  • Family members who have been out of contact for many years – in the case of will reading
  • People who are chasing said missing person as they owe them money
  • Missing persons who’ve been missing for long periods and the case is classed as being cold
  • Youngsters of children who’ve runawayor are considered as being kidnapped


Missing person investigations are on many occasionstime-consuming. Our investigators possess the skills in tracking down a person who is missing. Over the yearsthey’ve acquired many techniques of searching in Las Vegasand beyond. We have the best missing person investigators know all the tricks people use to avoidbeing found.

Rates for Missing Persons

A fair few agencies will charge by the hour, and some offer a flat rate fee. In bothcases,either of these can be the best option, as much of itdepends on the situation the private investigator would be working on.

As a professional private investigation company, we find it beneficial to speak to our clients first. From this contact, both parties can finalize an arrangement.

Our Missing Persons Investigators

With all of our other specialinvestigation services, we don’t use or rely on online databases. Information in these can be pretty useless when trying to find any missing persons.

Information can be out-dated, incorrect or not complete. This can leave clients paying for something which is of no benefit to their case. All of the private investigators we have are highly skilled in checking all places that can be useful in locating a person. Our investigators also use many techniques even seasoned law enforcement officers don’t use when searchingfor a missing person in Las Vegas or further afield.

Many people think the police are their only option, andin many instances, our investigators are more skilled in these matters than the police. Police officers are trained in various areas, however, our investigators specialize in these issues.

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