Private Investigation Firms

Being located in Las Vegas, we are a full-service private investigation firm who specializes in a broad range of highly confidential and professional and discreet investigations for corporate clients or for individuals who are seeking assistance.

Las Vegas Case Handling

Private Instigators of Las Vegas make sure all information that is gathered upon your first communication is reviewed immediately. As time can be of the essence in many Las Vegas investigations, it is critical to respond as quickly as possible. Upon our review of the objectives, we come up with an action plan to make sure we can give you the best results you are looking for.

Evidence Reporting

All of our private investigators make sure their reports are in an easy to access order. These can also be summarized as a means of quick referencing without delving deep into folders of papers. All our investigation cases have local Las Vegas private detectives who are the best at what they do.

Once the case has been concluded,and our skilled investigation teams have gathered the results they have been searching for. Any video surveillance footage is supported by written reports detailing what was not possible to film or giving the locations where the footage was shot.

As our private investigators provide the best evidence, we know that it is fully admissible in court as it has been for many years in the past. Many cases have swung in favor of our clients from our supporting evidence, and regardless of the fact it might be child custody, a skip trace or workmen’s compensation fraud.

None of our personal detectives are satisfied with the results unless our clients get what they have paid for. It is easy for private investigation firms to find evidence and then pass it over a job finished, and not to worry if it was beneficial. That is not professional, and it shows any Las Vegas private detective who does that is not worth their salt.

A case is only over when our clients have reached the goal they are seeking when they first make contact. If there is no case to be gathered, we inform them at the start, so there is no chance of us taking hard earned money for the sake of it.

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