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When you are looking for answers, and you want results which are the best people to turn to? As good as law enforcement officers are, they soon become stretched between duties and in some cases, you get prioritized in everything they have to do. Unfortunately, if your case does not include anyone being harmed, you might find you are at the bottom of the list.

As a professional company we know that in some cases, time is of the essence. We have many certified private investigators who are ready to help you find the answers you are looking for in Las Vegas. We are sympathetic to your cause and know that many cases are of a delicate nature and you wish your name to remain out of it.

All of our professional investigators work with the utmost confidentiality, so much so, they will never acknowledge you are a client of Private Investigators of Las Vegas.

On top of our strict confidentiality guarantee, we offer some of the most affordable rates of any private detective agency in Las Vegas. Not only that, we make sure we get the results that you are seeking. For a good many years that is precisely what we have promised and it what we have done. Regardless of the type of case, we have produced results.

Our Private Investigator Services

We offer many services that fully utilize the years of experience and knowledge that all of our private detectives can provide. To make their chances even higher, they employ some of the best surveillance techniques and equipment that is available.

Workmans Compensation Fraud

No one likes fraud of this nature, from the...

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Child Custody

It is unfortunate that cases of this type involve children...

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Missing Persons

We all know we have to wait for 24-hours...

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Skip Trace

Much can be said for a skip trace investigation as can a...

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Many investigations that our skilled operatives conduct...

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Cheating Partners – Infidelity

Our private Investigators know how this time can be...

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Find the truth when you need to know

Our services are 100% confidential

People say

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“I was denied a claim on my workmen’s comp. After confronting my employer who knew nothing about it, there was only the health provider. I approached Private Investigators of Las Vegas who found the doctor was claiming for things without my knowledge. The insurer finally covered me. And the doctor got what he deserved.”

B Michaels

Las Vegas

“My son who has ADHD had a major argument with his dad. The police filled the report and said wait 24 hours. I couldn’t wait so I contacted Private Investigators of Las Vegas. They jumped straight on the case and found my son safe and sound in less than 48 hours. I thank you all sincerely.”

Joan Atkins


Private Detective Services

You might wonder why we are one of the top private detective firms in Las Vegas. It is from the distinct characteristics that set us apart from our competition:

We wish to hide nothing from our clients and be it information we have found that can be hurtful, or the advice we give in our first conversation. We are 100% committed to our clients, yet we give 100% honest and unbiased opinion. If a situation is not worth investigating, or there are legal barriers in our way, that is what you will hear.

If you are after results, that is what we will get for you. No matter what the case, we offer you very affordable rates with no compromise on our quality of service.

To all of our private investigators in Las Vegas who are in our employ, this job means more than just the monetary rewards. To them, it is a passion for helping people who would have nowhere else to turn in most situations.

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