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Surveillance is a general meaning that can now cover many aspects of how private detectives can watch and monitor various activities. All of our skilled private detectives are fully conversant in the following forms of surveillance:

  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Aerial Surveillance
  • Profiling
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Computer Surveillance
  • Listening Surveillance (eavesdropping)

We know that whatever form of surveillance you require, we give you the best service and the best results possible.

For many years surveillance of all types has been the backbone of investigative work and in most cases, it becomes the foundation of all investigations. This is one reason it requires professionals who are highly skilled and certified to carry out such tasks like background check.

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Surveillance, what is It?

All surveillance regardless of the type is used to gather information of movements and actions of individuals, and at times it is used to establish a person’s routine depending on the investigation being conducted. An excellent example of this being an infidelity case against a partner.

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What do our Private Detectives do?

There are many ways our detectives will conduct surveillance in Las Vegas; they use many forms of surveillance equipment for the case in hand. At the most basic they stake out an individual and recording their actions and movements. From this, they most likely will have to follow the individual. This brings a new element into the observations as the type of equipment used for mobile surveillance is much different than when they are stationary.

Who Needs Surveillance?

The need for surveillance can come from many walks of life; both personal and businesses alike can make full use of the surveillance services provided by Private Investigators of Las Vegas.

For a significant number of years, and to many happy clients who have asked us for surveillance, we have obtained results that have helped the following:

Law Firms - support with criminal or civil investigations

Insurance Companies - for dubious insurance claims or insurance fraud

Hotels & Casinos - either suspect employees or possible cheating

Large and Small Businesses - suspect employees or business partners

Private Individuals - Cheating spouse, domestic cases, infidelity and much more

Our Surveillance Service

When our skilled private detectives perform any form of surveillance, it is done with the utmost discretion. We know in most cases the nature of the case will be of a sensitive nature.

We begin by working closely with you to fully understand your requirements and your expectations. Our skilled detectives would then survey the individual and the areas where any surveillance is to take place to make sure they know the best surveillance techniques and investigator surveillance equipment to use in that situation.

In most cases, they will have to use many different forms of equipment to gather the best information that you require. We do know that for this cornerstone of a professional private detective company in Las Vegas, you will not find any other that is as consistently reliable and confidential.

We know, if you have asked for the use of a private Surveillance Company, you have a problem. We make your problem our problem until there has been a resolution in your case. We also make sure we offer competitive rates for any surveillance service we undertake without any compromise on the results we personally guarantee we will produce.

People say

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“We suspected our son was using drugs. He was out of the home at all hours, so we had Private Investigators of Las Vegas watch him for a while. We confronted him with hard evidence, and now he’s halfway through rehab.”

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