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Skip Trace

There are many people, who do not want to face up to their obligations, and can range from any of the following:

  • Punishments and Legal Obligations
  • Fines
  • Financial Obligations

In many cases, it is possible to contact the Las Vegas authorities for assistance, yet if you wish to have a faster and in many cases a more favorable result, we have many highly skilled private detectives in Las Vegas who are experts in their field.

Our Skip Trace Process

All skip trace investigations require all of our private detective's experience, knowledge, and overall skill when they conduct a skip trace investigation.

Each investigation can be broken into three sections which are as follows:

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Records Investigations

One of the first steps is to personally check all information that is stored in public and government records. Our investigators use many various databases which are available for their disposal. We also review all libraries, US post offices and courthouses, and hospitals.

All records regarding an individual’s business, their finances, their profession and any documents relating to marriage. Any findings are personally verified before we submit anything to you.

Note: Internet databases are not used due to the unreliability of information.



If we have been furnished, or have found a location of the individual, our private detectives will set up surveillance to monitor their actions. This will show their daily routines and which places they frequent the most.


Background Checks

Our investigators are experts in making background checks without the individual becoming aware anyone is looking into his or her whereabouts. All aspects of their history and lifestyle will be checked discreetly. Business associates, work colleagues, friends and family members could be checked during this part of a skip trace investigation in Las Vegas.

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How Long Does a Skip Trace Take?

A skip trace investigation can easily take a few months to complete, and a lot depends on how hard the individual tries at being undetected. In some scenarios, the obtaining of information can be more difficult than initially thought. An individual who skips Las Vegas can take a few weeks to settle down in their new location. They do however visit friends or family or make contact before them finding a new place to live or in finding a new job.

As a professional company, we make sure you are fully aware of the cost implications, yet we offer very affordable rates when performing a skip trace as well as all our other detective services.

People say

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“I was looking for my brother, he upped and skipped town through a family argument. Private Investigators of Las Vegas located him a few hours down the road. I talked him into coming home, so a happy ending all around.”

Mary Shelley

Las Vegas

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