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    Lie Detector Test Las Vegas

    There are many reasons why people require a polygraph test to be conducted, much of this comes down to the fact, some people can lie a little too easy, and it becomes second nature.

    In Las Vegas, it can be crucial the right story be told, and if you are unable to see if a person is telling the truth or not, it is better to be sure rather than guessing and taking their word at face value.

    What is a Polygraph?

    A polygraph is a real name for a “Lie Detector Test.” When a person is connected to the machine, it reads physiological responses to questions and stimuli. From here, the licensed investigator can tell if they are telling the truth or not. This test cannot be performed by anyone. First you have to understand how to read the machine responses, and second, for it to be ethical and legal a polygraph test has to be conducted by a licensed operative.

    What Happens in a Polygraph Test?

    A polygraph can take years of training and experience to do correctly. A polygraph test can take from 2 to 3 hours depending on what questions have to be asked.

    A licensed investigator will break the test down into three parts which are as follows:

    • Part One - This pre-test helps to determine whether or not the person in question can be polygraphed or not.
    • Part Two – This is the part where the licensed investigator will test reactions to questions where they monitor the results for positive or negative reactions. Questions can be asked multiple times to see if the results are the same in each instance.
    • Part Three – The investigator will check all the results and come to a conclusion on their findings. From the answers given, they will be able to see if the person in question was lying or being truthful when they were providing their responses.
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    How do the Investigator Know?

    When answers are given, the body reacts in many ways. When a person is lying, their breathing can change, or their sweat glands become more active along with higher blood pressure. All of these changes are monitored during a polygraph test by the licensed investigator in Las Vegas.

    It is the “consistent significant reaction” that determines the result, and this is the same when a particular question is asked.

    One thing to note is, the test only shows what the person being tested believes to be true. This can be very far from what did indeed happen.

    Polygraph Test Outcomes

    Once the data has been analyzed by a licensed private detective and a conclusion has been reached by following the industry-standard techniques and practices:
    • The questioned person is telling the truth.
    • The questioned person is not telling the truth.
    • There is no conclusion either way.

    Our Service

    Private Investigators of Las Vegas has several licensed investigators who can conduct a “Lie Detector Test” on your behalf. No matter what the situation, they have years of experience and knowledge of what questions to ask, and how best to determine if you are getting the results you desire.

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