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    Child Custody Surveillance And Investigation

    Detective Services Las Vegas

    We investigate a selection of different situations concerning the customer’s precise needs thorough investigation, surveillance, and interviews to deliver you with more understanding of your position.

    Private Investigation Services Las Vegas

    Our Surveillance investigators are exceptionally well trained and seasoned professionals. They are devoted to finding evidence you require to prove any suspicions and to resolve any fears. We exploit the latest in high-tech surveillance equipment, and our private detectives are capable of applying their undercover surveillance to discreetly monitor and document by photos and video any activities of individuals.

    • Infidelity - Cheating Spouses or Partners
    • Child Custody and Visitations
    • Liability and Negligence Investigations
    • Suspicious Insurance Claims and Workers’ Compensation Claims
    • Bug Sweeping of hotels, homes, businesses, and vehicles, ..

    Background and Criminal Checks

    Background checks are one of the cornerstones of our private investigation services in Las Vegas.

    Apart from our many screening solutions we personally conduct background investigations through on-site courthouse research and the most accurate online databases which are not available to the general public.

    Information obtained may include:

    • Criminal records and civil litigation history
    • Driving records,
    • Sex offenders,
    • Previous employment
    • Address history
    • Landlord references and former employer
    • Asset possession, Credit histories and more


    We provide background investigations for most purposes, including:

    • Pre-Employment checks
    • Prospective Tenant checks
    • Pre-Marital Investigations
    • Child-Care professional Background checks
    • Partner background checks and screening
    Detective Service Las Vegas NV


    “My daughter was taken from her school by my ex-husband, he quickly skipped town and went into hiding. The police drew a blank, yet Private Investigators of Las Vegas did not give up, and found them in St. Louis.”


    Las Vegas

    Missing Person and Skip Trace

    Our private detective investigation teams are experts in finding missing persons, and performing skip trace searches individuals and businesses. All our professionals’ are State Licensed Private Investigators, so we have access to several databases not available to the public.

    These databases along with the many years’ experience, enables our investigators to find individuals quickly while being able to offer very competitive rates.

    Our Investigators experience has helped locate individuals in the following:

    • Families looking for long-lost relatives
    • Friends looking for persons whom they lost touch with
    • Creditors searching for individuals who owe money
    • Insurance companies looking for missing witnesses
    • Parent looking for children who have run away or have been abducted

    If you are looking for a private investigator who is dependable and honest, you have found the right company. We are one of the highest reputed private investigation service companies in Las Vegas. All of our investigators are dedicated to reaching the same goals. No matter what the answers and results you are looking for, we make sure this becomes a reality in the shortest possible time.

    Private Investigators of Las Vegas know how to keep secrets, yet it is no secret how proud all of our investigation teams and licensed detectives are about their services and success rates.

    Our skilled detective teams obtain evidence, and witnesses you need to move forward in whichever way you decide on. A professional private detective will also know that each situation will be comprised of a delicate situation. All of our teams are entirely sympathetic to our clients’ needs and make sure they are all conducted with the utmost consideration and discretion.

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