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    Missing Child From Park Investigation Las Vegas

    Finding Missing Person Las Vegas

    As a professional company, all of our skilled investigators pride themselves on their skills of tracking people down. If you are looking to find a missing family member, or someone has skipped town, you are in the right place.

    Law enforcement officers only class a case an individual as a missing person after 24 hours, and that is if the person did not leave of their own accord. In some instances, this time is crucial, especially where children are concerned. The investigations that are led by law enforcement detectives can also come to an end if they show little results in their missing person investigation.

    When looking for a loved one, this is not what you want to hear. Private Investigators Of Las Vegas has many private investigators who will start looking immediately as soon as we have been contacted.

    They have many years experience in how to find a missing family member or loved one. We also make sure you are kept in the loop of all information, and we guarantee we will never stop searching until we have been informed to do so.

    Who Hires a Private Investigator to Find a Person?

    This list includes everyone, and they all have their reasons. A few examples of who can be looked for are below:

    • Loved ones, or family members who have vanished or run away.
    • Long lost family members who have not been in contact.
    • Debtors who owe you money.
    • Any missing persons who have been missing for a long time and are now classed as being a cold case.
    • Minors who have run away from home or have been kidnapped.
    • Tracing missing relatives

    Finding missing persons can be time-consuming, yet our investigators are highly skilled in tracking down a person. They have learned many techniques over the years of searching in Las Vegas, and they know the region intimately. Our investigators have also learned all the tricks that some people use to avoid detection.

    Missing Person Investigation Las Vegas NV


    “I was looking for my brother who had moved away from Vegas god knows how long ago. After a couple of weeks, the investigator called and said they had found him in Virginia.”

    Sally J
    Las Vegas

    Many other agencies charge by the hour, or some give you a flat rate fee. In either case, this can be the best option depending on the type of situation that the private investigator would be working on. As a professional company, we prefer to speak to our clients first. From then, both parties can come to an arrangement as things will change from the first conversation.

    What We Do

    As with many of our other specialist investigation services, we never rely on online databases. They have been filled in, and the information can be pretty much useless when trying to find any missing persons.

    This information can be out of date, false or not complete. This can leave a client paying for something that helps them hardly at all. All of the private investigators we have are highly skilled in checking all places that can be useful in locating a person. Our investigators also use many techniques that even law enforcement officers do not apply when looking for a missing person in Las Vegas or further afield depending on the individual case.

    A good many people think that the police are their only option. In many occasions, our investigators are more skilled than the law officials in matters such as these. Law enforcement officers are trained in many areas, yet our investigators specialize in these issues Fraud. All of our private investigators will use all their numerous years of training and expertise to locate the person you are seeking. No matter what the situation, we will be working on your case without you having to wait for 24 hours.

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