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Child Custody

Cases of this nature are delicate for all involved and can involve more than just custody of a child.  Our investigators perform many investigations of the following in and around Las Vegas:

  • Child Custody Case
  • Child Support Case
  • Alimony Case
  • Run-Away Child
  • Parental Neglect, Or Unfit Parent Allegation
  • Child Custody Violations

Child Custody Investigations

Our skilled detectives perform any surveillance that is required. This can be a combination of visual surveillance with photos or video surveillance of the individual in question while they are in public view.

With many years’ experience and skill, our investigators utilize the best techniques and technology available to furnish you with first-class results. Our investigators are highly skilled in these operations and perform all child custody services with the utmost discretion. This allows us not only to protect everyone involved, but it also gives our detectives the best chances of achieving the results you are looking for.

Child Custody Surveillance And Investigation

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Our Child Custody Service

When our skilled investigators perform any of these investigations, our ultimate aim is to give our clients peace of mind, closure and ultimately justice.
We first hold a discreet meeting with the client and explain the extent in which we are able to perform such an investigation. We also make sure we work well within your comfort zone as not all results can be what you expect. Although our rates for any of our child custody investigation are affordable, we will ensure they still fit within your budget.

Missing Person Investigation Las Vegas NV

When individuals deal with cases which involve child custody, they can become delicate and very sensitive. Each case can be very different and can include a situation where child support, runaway children or alimony is involved.

A lot of these child custody cases and investigations come toward the end of a relationship which in itself is a very sensitive subject and frustrating time. Private Investigators of Las Vegas understand all of this, and as a professional company make sure the best results are achieved for everyone who is involved.

Child Custody, Your Family Protection

As our investigators perform child custody cases, we know that you can be under a great deal of stress. Family matters are often involved that include separation or a divorce. At these times the primary concern is the welfare of your children.

At these times we aim to make your life a little more stress-free and help to find the right information which allows us to document the facts that will put your child’s best interests at the top of the list.

When you wish to know what an ex-partner does while they are in the presence of your child or what they do when they are alone, we make sure you have the answers. We also check to see if a second job or they are working off the books is interfering with your child’s welfare.

Many questions can be asked, and all of them need answers. You might think this sort of situation you can perform by yourself, and yes it could. Although, if you are seen to be watching an ex-partner you could jeopardize any claim you have of custody if the case went to court.

It is difficult for you to prove you are the best choice to care for your child when you are spotted following your partner. As a professional company, we advise you leave it to the professionals. We get the results without any of our private detectives making it visible you are seeking information.

Our skilled investigators do all of this off the radar and make sure your ex-partner has the chance to change their behavior and skip Las Vegas before the investigation is concluded.

Should you find yourself in court, all of our findings will be fully admissible and can be used in your defense.

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“I split from my partner and took our child. I knew she was working two jobs and leaving our daughter alone. Private Investigators of Las Vegas quickly got video evidence, and now my daughter is with one grateful father. ”

James Reed

Las Vegas

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