Infidelity - Cheating Spouse

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    Private Surveillance Photo And Video Proof Vegas Valley

    Infidelity - Cheating Spouse

    Everyone has the right to know if his or her partner is unfaithful. Private Investigators of Las Vegas can give you peace of mind, closure, and justice when you are looking to deal with a cheating spouse.

    Our private investigators work closely with you, our affordable rates will be within your budget, and we give complete confidentiality. We always get results and obtain the information you are looking for.

    Infidelity Statistics

    Figures show a person who has a gut instinct can be a powerful indication your partner might be cheating on you.
    Infidelity statistics have also shown that around 85% of woman pick up on the warning signs of extramarital affairs, and suspect their partner might be cheating on them are correct. Likewise, approximately 50% of men who tend to feel their partners have been cheating on them are accurate.

    Infidelity Signals

    Spot those infidelity signs:

    • Your partner seems to work later or more frequent
    • Your partner is not at home as often
    • Phone calls around you remain unanswered, or the ring is set to silent
    • Levels of intimacy have changed
    • Your partner becomes more defensive
    • Passwords and screen names have been changed
    • Credit or debit cards have unexplained charges


    Our skilled, highly trained and unobtrusive investigators, will detect and document, cheating spouses and unfaithful partner’s activity while in public view. This can be using undetectable camera equipment, including hidden cameras in clothing, bags or other items suitable for our covert surveillance.

    We combine years of experience in surveillance, and current technologies and techniques. We offer a range of very discreet private investigator services designed to maximize our chances of getting the results you desire.

    A cheating partner might go to great lengths in concealing their actions and continue lying even when confronted. Sometimes, only presenting your partner with conclusive evidence of infidelity will this be enough for admission. They might then come clean, and allow both of you to move on with your lives.

    If you are looking for a private detective in Las Vegas with the highest level of knowledge and experience, you have come to the right place. Things of this nature should be left in the hands of professionals rather than attempting it on your own. Emotions can get involved, and a situation of this kind can quickly spiral out of control.

    When individuals deal with cases that involve child custody, they can become delicate and very sensitive. Each case can be very different and can include a situation where child support, runaway children or alimony is involved.

    A lot of these child custody cases and investigations come toward the end of a relationship which in itself is a very sensitive subject and frustrating time. Private Investigators of Las Vegas understand all of this, and as a professional company make sure the best results are achieved for everyone who is involved.


    “I had a feeling my husband was cheating; he was very secretive. The guys at Private Investigators of Las Vegas found out my husband was seeing someone. A new business partner and he was keeping the deal a surprise. ”


    Las Vegas

    Video Evidence

    Infidelity Cheating Spouse Investigation Surveillance Las Vegas NV

    Video evidence for many things is required. All of our highly skilled private detectives have experience in using some of the most advanced camera technologies available. From pinhole cameras to low light lenses and more, our private investigators can obtain the best results.
    For the times when following a cheating spouse is not sufficient, our detectives use far-reaching cameras that allow them to record what is happening in a place of work, rural area or shopping mall not to mention the many other places anyone could go.
    All of the equipment our detectives use produces conclusive evidence that is acceptable if it is required in court.

    Our Commitment

    When you have a problem, we take it on board and make it our problem. We make sure all of our investigation team’s work at a comfortable level for you, and we are well within your budget. As a professional company, the last thing we want is to put you outside your comfort level and spring some hidden charges onto you.
    We maintain the highest ethical standards and comply with all regulations and monitoring offices which we are governed by. To make sure you understand what is involved we will always explain what our actions will be before we undertake any surveillance.
    All of our private investigators are from Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, so they know the city inside and out. As the subject matter of our investigation can be quite personal, we personally guarantee we are 100% discreet, and you do not have to worry yourself we have broken any privacy infringements or trespassing laws.

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