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Bug Detection Services

Bug sweep services can be used for a multitude of reasons. From business dealings or the hi-tech cheats in the casinos, Las Vegas is the one place where people try finding information, and you have the ones who wish to prevent any information leaking.


We have for many years catered for many Hi-Flyers who visit Vegas for either business or pleasure. As these high profile clients wish to have their privacy away from home and business, they ask for our services on regular occasions.

As many of these clients frequent Vegas on many occasions, we have dedicated resources to deal with their requests.

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Hotel and Conference Bug Sweeps

For many clients, the central area they wish to have bug detection services carried out is in their hotel rooms.

When we conduct a full sweep of a hotel room or a conference room, our highly skilled lie detection teams make use of the best counter surveillance equipment available. No elements are left unchecked, and we check everything that could contain listening devices.

Electronics – clocks, radios, smoke detectors and any other electronic devices in a hotel room or conference hall.

Communications – telephones, internet connection sockets, intercoms, speakers and power cables.

With both a hotel bug sweep and a conference hall sweep, these are sealed until the client arrives or the meeting begins.

Bug Detection Services In Corporate Office Las Vegas Nv


Private Investigators Of Las Vegas can continually monitor an area for outside interference that would indicate someone is listening using electronic surveillance equipment. As cellular based eavesdropping devices are cheap, corporations and high-profile clients are under continual threats.

Our Service

We have a dedicated team who are experienced in all aspects of electric bug sweep detection by utilizing some of the best counter surveillance equipment available. As a professional company, all of our bug detection services are carried out with complete discretion and confidentiality. We also make sure all our services are affordable, and we never compromise on our quality of service.

We understand how vital privacy, and making sure sensitive information is not leaked can be. Peace of mind can be a great thing, and that is what we offer with all our electric sweeper services.

No matter what location you require testing in Las Vegas. From your home, office, convention hall or even a vehicle. We have the capability in both equipment and the best-dedicated counter surveillance teams in the Vegas region.

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“We were looking for a new operations manager. The candidate never mentioned his drink driving record. This came to light once Private Investigators Of Las Vegas checked.Happy to say, we still hired him, he is good at his job.” 

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