5 Questions to Ask Your Private Detective

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Hiring a private investigator might sound like a good and quick resort to find out or resolve some of the conflicts you are facing. Due to the demand in private investigators, you can easily tap the search button and hire one even if you are just comfortably sitting on your sofa at home. Even though it is convenient and extremely helpful, it is actually acquainted with certain risks.

Getting your own private investigator is like buying goods at a market- you have to make sure you will get a quality one that will satisfy your needs while ensuring your safety. Similar to how we pick the goods we serve in our plates, the private investigator that you should hire must meet your standards.

Some will note that you should get an investigator who is prompt, honest, reliable, and trustworthy, it can be daunting if these characteristics will only be showcased through a small business talk. To filter the private investigators you are looking at, try to throw some questions at them that will catch whether they deserve the position or not. Here are 5 questions to ask your private detective:

  1. Are you licensed/registered private detective?

Just like any other jobs in which the stakes are profoundly high, not everyone is suitable to take the job. Although the training and standard might differ a bit from state to state, a licensed private detective is sure to undergo a rough training with thousands of hours doing fieldwork. Also, such detectives were tested to ensure their knowledge and skill in doing investigations. Not only they know how to make a valuable information out of scratch, but they are also knowledgeable on how to handle evidence.

By ensuring that the detective you will hire has a license, you are automatically entitled to a high accuracy rate in the investigations. In fact, detectives have to go through several needles and meet certain qualifications to keep their licenses up. With these, having a licensed private detective will assure you that the credibility and quality of the work are up to what you expect.

Although it is easy to answer the question, try extending your measures by getting their license number and verifying it. Doing so will definitely throw scammers away, leaving you with nothing but reputable and skillful private detectives.

  1. What is your area of expertise?

While other people might argue that a private detective must be a ‘jack-of-all-trades’, it will actually be a big help if the detective has dealt with a similar situation before. What are the services they offer? Is your case an area of their expertise? Such cruel questions will determine whether your case will be taken at a great advantage or not. To help you pick the best private detective in Las Vegas, shortlist only those detectives who have experience and is knowledgeable about your case.

  1. Are your methods for obtaining information legal?

Knowing this is extremely important because if any method used is illegal, it can turn the table against you and cause detrimental effects. To ensure your safety and protection throughout the investigation, make sure that every method that will be used is what you agreed to and only those which you find acceptable and helpful for your case. Try to ask for some work samples. Although you might be provided with some redacted names, you can catch a glimpse of how they work and guarantee that you will get the service that is fit for your values and character.


  1. What is your experience and background in private investigation?

Asking their background and experience in private investigation will give you an idea of their expertise level. Also, knowing their background will let you find out whether they have handled similar cases. It will give you some clues on how they work and how they have managed (or not) to reach the standards of their previous clients.

  1. How much will an investigation cost?

Private detectives offering cheap services can be attractive. But as the famous quotation goes, if it Is too good to be true, then it is not true. However, do not get lured to luxurious investigation offers. Although some will sound promising, be sure to look through their background and check whether their price coincides with their performance. Lastly, genuine firms of private investigators always come with a reasonable price yet they still deliver you desirable outcomes.

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