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Workmans Comp Fraud Investigation Las Vegas NV
When a person visits a private investigation firm in Las Vegas, they expect results. It doesn’t matter what case they have firms promote themselves as being able to cover all eventualities of what an individual needs.

It is unfortunate there are companies which are either not geared up to offer a full range of services, or they choose to limit what they offer and focus on specific things.

Private Investigators of Las Vegas are at the top of the tree,and anyone will find, we are the Best Las Vegas PI Firm to call first.

We offer a full range of services and have highly experienced private investigators for any of the following services.


Child Custody

This is sensitive as children are involved. If the case isn’t conducted with the utmost care, it can lead to a parent skipping town and taking their child with them.


Missing Persons

Our detectives are skilled and dedicated and always produce positive results when searching for a missing person. Either within Las Vegas limits or further afield our Las Vegas detectives will always find their man.


Skip Trace

This is much the same as a missing person investigation. All of our detectives respond quickly as any time lost at the start of an investigation can change the outcome.



Our detectives are highly skilled in long distance or up close surveillance and use the most modern equipment. If a case requires surveillance, all our private investigators are proud that any evidence they present is always admissible in court.


Cheating and Infidelity

This can include a few of the other mentioned services. Tracking a person and putting them under surveillance without being caught always produces results. In some cases, it might be the answer aren’t what an individual wishes to hear. All of our staff and PI’s are sympathetic and will help anyone in this situation.


Workman’s Compensation Fraud

This sort of thing shouldn’t be allowed to carry on. It can stem from many areas which are the fault of employers, employees or doctors. It seems to be an ideal way of gaining a few extra dollars. The main problem being it affects so many other people.

Our detectives will quickly spot who is at fault. If the boss is skimming or a worker is faking injuries all the way to the doctor who’s billing for services not actually performed.


Special Detective Services in Las Vegas

These are the majority of cases a well-renowned detective agency will face. There are others available which distinguisha good detective agency, to being one of the best.

Lie detector tests and bug detection services require specific skills. We have some of the best polygraph readers and electronic device detection investigators in Las Vegas. A full-service package is what we promote,and all come with the best possible results for all of our clients.

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