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In life, we have a certain person who we care for and trust so much. After exchanging the sweetest wedding vows and being with each other’s company, the gestures became more intimate and the foundation of trust grows sturdier.

However, the case is different for some people. Instead of the growing affection, some notice that their partners become less affectionate and change their attitude after some time. With these changes, suspecting partners frequently feels infidelity has come to destroy their relationship with their partners.

In fact, a recent study reaffirms that from the total number of married couples, sixty-six percent in men tends to have an intimate relationship aside from their spouse while there is fifty percent who commits the same deed in women.

Although some people will just go with the usual ‘ follow your gut’ mantra and believe in what you have noticed, unfortunately, gut feeling is not enough to justify accusations and pin down your partner. Moreover, accusations will remain as pure allegations unless it is proven. And restoring a relationship would never be possible if the one who is guilty never acknowledge his/her debauched actions.

Most people who partake in such a relationship frequently seeks self-satisfaction while gambling being committed to his/her partner. While confronting is an option, it will damage the relationship further if there is no evidence other than your gut feeling.

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