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Privacy issues are on the rise, especially in a busy city like Las Vegas. It targets almost everyone in the society. It would not consider whether you are a high status or a person living below your means. Even though surveillance might sound singular, it can actually affect a large group, specifically, your company. In a company, be it a small or big one, every little action of each of your employee accumulates to its big success, which simply means that it matters a lot. Some will argue that surveillance is like dipping yourself into others privacy, but the case is different for companies- it is a great way to manage people and the growing community you are building.

But the idea of looking over your employees might sound like a heavy work, ignoring it can cause a huge backfire. In a business, each day is war and the dangers you may face are countless and most of the time, unimaginable. It can range from the simplest physical issues to a troublesome financial loss, you’ll never know.

To put it short, a corporate surveillance in Las Vegas comes within your reach as a quick yet effective solution. Ready to discover how it can help your company?

#1 Catch the thief

Based on a report from The Centre for Retailing Research, around 275 million cases of theft were reported yearly around the world. This puts theft as an alarming issue for every business. Even though there is a huge number of theft incidents, only 1 out of 46 gets caught red-handed. From those arrested, about one million or 1/6 of it were all employees of a certain company.

What’s more concerning is the fact that it’s not just the physical properties that get stolen, but also intellectual property. With enough surveillance, you are securing your company’s properties, but also stabilizing the company with trustworthy employees.

#2 Jump-start your company’s profits

Having a corporate surveillance gives you more than the security and stability you are looking for. In fact, it boosts the productivity of your employees, which eventually increase the company’s profit. A recent study from Bloomberg Business suggests that monitoring your employees creates a difference. From the 392 restaurants they have surveyed, a staggering 22% drop in cases of theft was seen while earning a 7% gain in total profits.

#3 Curb workplace harassments

Another recent report from Security Info Watch reveals that about 17% of fatal injuries related to work in the United States were consequences of violence in their respective workplaces. If we put it in figures, it will reach almost 800 fatal injuries in a year. Aside from injuries, sexual harassments are also high with around 7,500 complainants received by the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission back in 2012.

Although a surveillance might not immediately stop what is going on in your company, it can discourage possible offenders. Knowing that they are being watched, employees will know how to act properly- in a way which will be more favorable to you and for the betterment of your company. Contact 702-819-9352 and our experienced private investigators will do their work with extreme discretion

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