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It is a fact, all of our skilled private detectives are the best in finding witnesses and getting statements from them at a crucial time during a court case. When this happens, it might be the point which makes or breaks a case. It is for this reason our detectives know the importance of statements or evidence standing up in a court of law.

Some of our Las Vegas detectives might be tasked with locating witnesses or gathering further in-depth evidence while the attorney is working on his or her defense or prosecution strategy. Much of this would revolve around information gained from our private investigators.


Private Investigators Get the Best Witness Statements

All of our highly skilled Las Vegas private detectives have on numerous occasions been used as field agents of attorneys who are in the midst of a trial.

It is their role to conduct all the fieldwork before any upcoming trial and also during the time the case is still open.

Our skilled surveillance operatives in Las Vegas have supported many court cases, all of their video high-quality surveillance recordings or alternative evidence has made a considerable difference to the case for our clients.


Discretion of Las Vegas Detectives

Private Detectives of Las Vegas are fully aware of the true meaning ofdiscretion. It is one of the significantaspects we continually enforce to all of our privateinvestigators in Las Vegas.

All clients and their supporting investigatorscreate a bond of trust which should never be broken. A good many cases are of a sensitive nature and include personal issues.A top-quality private detective will always respect their clients and should never put themselves in a situation where they need to question their actions.

Our detectivestake client confidentiality very seriously, they will never confirmor deny if an individual is a client of the firm or not.Even if a private investigator acknowledges a clients name, it can be enough to jeopardize a client’s case and to lose any crucial advantage.


Commitment from our Las Vegas Private Detectives

Private Detectives of Las Vegas has by far the best private detectives in the industry. They are passionate about their chosen career path andshow full respect to all of their clients.Being a licensed private investigator in Las Vegas isn’t a regular 9-5, and our detectives show complete flexibility in achieving the best results.

All of our private detectives possess many skills which allow them to be successful in any case they accept. It doesn’t matter if they are a corporate client or an individual looking for a missing person.

Our detectives can adapt to make sure each case gets their full attention and can utilize all their skills until they get the results they have endeavored to achieve.


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