Lie Detector Test

A polygraph is still one of the most trusted ways of telling if a person is lying or telling the truth. It is for this reason along with the skills of our private investigators who perform a lie detector test for many reasons.

It takes years of skill to perform one of these tests and then to decipher the results, questions have to be structured in a specific way that will get a response from the person who is being tested. Private Investigators of Las Vegas has conducted thousands of tests over the years for numerous parties who are seeking the truth.

Las Vegas Employee Polygraph Test

You might wish for one of our skilled investigators to perform a test on a current employee or a potential employee. This can cover a few areas such as verifying information contained in a resume is correct. This can decide that the person is, in fact, the ideal candidate for a position inside your company.

If there has been a significant theft or something as damaging in your business, you can speak to us regarding a lie detector test before you confront the employees concerned.

For the protection of your business and the rights of your employees, our private investigators who perform any polygraph tests follow strict EPPA (employee polygraph protection act) guidelines.

Lie Detector Test for Las Vegas Fidelity

This can be a little more sensitive due to the nature of the situation. All of our personal detectives are sympathetic to both parties until results have been found. Once our investigators have asked specific questions, and the polygraph results have been analyzed the choice should be more natural to make. Carry on with the relationship or is it time to let go?

Our Lie Detector Test Commitment

Private Investigators of Las Vegas only use licensed professionals to conduct our polygraph tests in Las Vegas. We give full discretion and can perform these tests at a location of your choosing rather than you coming to us. The process is confidential and straightforward with a pre-test interview, the test and then a follow-upinterview before we produce the results.

All our tests comply with the federal formats and come with highly competitive rates. We all deserve the truth no matter how hard it can seem in some cases. If you are looking for the best results or have suspicions or you have been accused, there is no need for you to look any further than our skilled polygraph testing professionals in Las Vegas.

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