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When you take a look at the requirements to become a licensed private investigator, it is not as easy as a high number of people think. All investigators in Las Vegas have put in their time,so it is easy to see why they are so dedicated to their profession.


Nevada Private Investigator

A private investigator in Las Vegas must meet minimum requirements that consist of age, a U.S. Citizen, certain stipulations on convictions and can have an explicit background check from the FBI and the Department of Public Safety.

Just from these requirements, it shows a Las Vegas Private Investigator has to be of a good moral character. Private Investigators of Las Vegas has outstanding private investigators who make us proud as a detective agency in Vegas.


Las Vegas Detective Agency

To become a part of an agency, there are a second set of requirements an individual has to complete. The first setis quite easy compared to these.

An applicant has to have at least five years of investigative experience under their belt, and when this is equated into hours, it is ten thousand hours of experience. Now it shows that a private investigator job in Las Vegas can take a great deal more training than other careers.


Private Detective Passion

All the detectives who work at Private Investigators in Las Vegas are more than passionate about their job. Each is certified and has completed their thousands of hours of experience before they even considered becoming a private detective in Las Vegas.

We already know we have the most dedicated detectives and the most loyal. The reputation of our private detective agency has been built on the countless number of years’ experience they all bring to the office every day.

Each client is treated with the utmost attention and care and offered the most affordable rates that match the type of case they bring to our door.

If it weren’t for passion and dedication from the whole team, we would not be able to give our clients the very best of detective services, no matter what their needs. All our private investigators have seen it all before and knew the best ways to get the best results. No challenge is too large or too small.

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