Private Investigator

Individuals might seek the assistance of a Las Vegas private investigator for many reasons which are not related to a cheating spouse, although this is pretty high on the list. No matter what sort of case an individual needs a personal detective for in Las Vegas we have the ideal candidates for the job.

All of our very highly skilled investigators are masters at surveillance, tracking missing people and finding electronic bugs to name but a few.


Las Vegas Employee Investigations

The need to investigate an employee is not only as an employer suspects them of doing something underhanded or cheating the company or casino, but it can also be for personal background checks for potential employees for a high ranking position.

If you need a background check carried out on a person, it makes sense to ask the assistance of a Las Vegas private investigator. They are in a much better position to find anything out that having to rely on a public database which in most cases omits some of the information.


Las Vegas Child Custody

In a way, it is quite sad that so many children have to be confronted by this situation, yet over the years as a professional detective agency in Las Vegas, we have aided in more than our fair share of child custody cases. When children are involved there is another level of sensitivity that has to be included as a large number of children can be young and don’t fully understand the situation.

Private Investigators of Las Vegas are fully aware it is a sensitive issue,and our private investigators do their utmost to be discreet and keep the clients and their children’s interests at heart. Safety is the number of one priority before finding the best surveillance footage for our clients.


Technological Surveillance Counter Measures in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a lot of high rollers visiting for some time at the tables or for a large conference that might be held close to the strip. As many are high profile businessmen, they respect their privacy as much as anyone, and in some cases, they find out their every word is being recorded. Our anti-surveillance teams are the best in the business for sweeping hotel rooms and conference halls for recording devices. Our Las Vegas investigators also use the best anti-surveillance equipment to make sure there is no one eavesdropping in the vicinity of our clients.

No matter what the reason you require your own personal investigator in Las Vegas we have the very best investigators and surveillance teams at your disposal. For Las Vegas residents or visitors it just takes one quick call, and we can help to put your mind at ease.


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