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Protect your interests today with a private investigator in Henderson, Nevada. With us you can find many services available from child custody, missing persons, skip trace, surveillance, to cheating partners. All our private detectives employ the best surveillance techniques and equipment available.

What is a Private Investigator?

A private investigator has multiple responsibilities with years of skills and training. The team of investigators in Henderson, NV has decades of experience in investigating cases for people and organizations. With their help, you can discover the truth. A fact is that if you have a gut feeling your lover is cheating, it is a powerful indicator. 50% of men and 85% of women who have this feeling usually are correct. With an investigator’s help, 95% of the domestic cases are investigated to confirm that the spouse is right.

Why Use Our Investigation Services?

When you need answers with results, who do you turn to? Law enforcement officers are there to help. However, they get busy between cases and their duties. So your case is not as prioritized as some of the other cases they work on. Cheating, adultery cases, finding hidden assets to child custody are not high on their list.

Our investigator company in Henderson, Nevada, can help, especially when time is of the essence. Our certified private investigators are waiting to help answer all your unanswered questions.

We can assist you with a wide selection of cases!

Child Custody

When it comes to the end of a relationship, there are times that children are involved. Sometimes it’s not only about who gets the kid but also involves child support if a kid has run away from home.

These cases are sensitive, and our child custody investigators go the extra mile to keep things stress-free and comfortable. Especially if it involves an ex-partner, you may even find your ex-partners involved, and we provide surveillance to keep an eye on them when in public.

We use still photos with videos in our surveillance when conducting a case. You receive fully documented reports containing everything related to their habits and routines.

Missing Person

Everyone knows they need to wait up to 24-hours before you can classify someone missing. The fact is the time is enough for any person to skip Henderson becoming untraceable. With a private investigator of Henderson, Nevada, they know the urgency involved. Maybe it’s a child abducted and the first couple of hours are crucial. The investigator will have a private conversation to get on the trail of any missing person fast without wasting time.

Other Investigation Services Offered

No matter what type of surveillance or help you need, we offer you different private investigation services in Henderson, Nevada.

  • Skip Trace Investigation where a person wants to disappear to prevent facing obligations.
  • Surveillance to find results for businesses in fraud or finding someone that owes a lot of money.
  • Infidelity can be stressful, and a spouse has the right to know to give them peace of mind. If you suspect a cheating partner and need closure, we can help.

Contact Private Investigators Las Vegas

Protect your interests with the help of Private Investigators in Henderson, Nevada. With our services, your privacy is always safeguarded. Our staff is discreet and trained to locate people, witness, survey, help with fraud, check for spy devices in a home, office, or vehicle. Our investigation team is experts in conducting different investigations even during these challenging times of Covid. Our services are confidential. Give us a call today.

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