Private Investigators Las Vegas

Individuals and businesses alike are now turning to detective agencies to perform many varied tasks. This ranges from surveillance, background checks or to something a little more sensitive.Private Investigators Las Vegas are many yet finding the correct one who offers complete discretion and confidentiality can be more difficult.


Private Detective Confidentiality

All of our private investigators hold client confidentiality close to their heart no matter what case they are conducting. Our success over the years has been based on this bond as well as the continued success our investigators have of obtaining the best results possible.

From initial contact until case closed the only communication will be between the investigation office and the client no matter who might ask. We believe in this bond and hold it as one of our top priorities.


Private Investigation Services Las Vegas

Private Investigators of Las Vegas are proud to be continually voted the best private investigation firm in Las Vegas. It is not something we take lightly,and we continuously strive to give the best services to our clients. We offer a full range of investigation services and make sure we have the best professional investigator working for you.

We have the best surveillance operatives who have many means of capturing the right footage that is fully admissible in court as support for your case. As is the skills of our private investigators, who can locate a missing person or witness even if they are outside Las Vegas, and are located somewhere else in Nevada.


Private Detective Experience

All of our personal detectives are not only experienced they are fully certified to conduct whatever operation is required. You will find our goal is more than a matter of meeting your requirements; we always make sure to surpass all expectations. Results speak for themselves, and our private investigators have helped countless thousands of individuals and businesses to obtain the answers to the questions they seek.

No matter what type of case or background the client comes from, the same attention is given to each. Our investigators are dedicated to their profession and would never dream of cutting a corner just to say the case was closed.

Find the truth when you need to know

Our services are 100% confidential

Protecting your interests