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Private Investigators Summerlin South, NV provides you with tailor-made investigative needs to find answers. Proficient in Private Investigations and Protection Consulting, we provide you with finding solutions for your everyday life.

Once identifying your problem, we find a solution; we execute a tailored plan of action to find the information. Our recipe for success is making action-yielding objectives to help. Our mission is to help connect those dots with available resources and our professional agents stretching across the globe.

We look forward to consulting with you.

What Can We Do For You

We present you with a wide selection of investigations for:

  •         Private Investigators
  •         Families
  •         Crimes and Cold Cases
  •         Attorneys and Lawyers
  •         Additional Case Type

We also provide you with background checks for:

  •         Potential Business Partners
  •         Asset Searches
  •         Potential Hires
  •         Credit Checks
  •         Criminal Records

Furthermore, you can contact us for surveillance for:

  •         Insurance Funds
  •         Infidelity
  •         Employee Misconduct
  •         Workers Compensation

No job is too big or small, and we can assist with person locates, corporate client needs, and TSCM Services. If you feel someone is keeping an eye on you, let our professional investigation team help with a bug sweep, electronic surveillance, phone intrusion, and hidden device detection. 

Working with a Network of Investigators

Private Investigators Las Vegas works with different investigators across the country. We can secure your case by conducting it firmly and courteously to keep you in the loop with your sensitive case. One thing we do not do is waiver integrity, and neither do we lose sight of what you want.

Enjoy a free consolation when searching for a security consultant or private investigator. We have you covered, and our initial consultation is free. Our qualified team will listen to your sensitive case. They will analyze the situation and provide you with tailor-made investigation plans resulting in positive results.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Get the Answers You Need Today

Private Investigators Summerlin South provides you with a team that is result-driven to solve your problem. With our international reach, we are competent to help. Whether you need a detective service in Las Vegas, United States, or Europe, we have a team that can help.

They leave no stone unturned and hit the ground in full action. Our team has a deep understanding of international terrains and provides you with satisfactory solutions. Furthermore, our team is licensed, highly professional, and bonded while discreet with their operations.

Do you need a specific person or group check or perhaps need someone located? Call us today for your free estimate to help.

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