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Skip Trace and who needs it?

After surveillance, this type of service is the cornerstone of many Las Vegas detective agencies. Many businesses and individuals seek this service for people who’ve upped sticks and left town.

If you are seeking a person, it is possible to contact the authorities. However, they will only start a search after a set period as in a missing person’s case. Skip trace services can include the following for why individuals have vanished from town:

  • Financial obligations
  • Imposed fines
  • Legal responsibilities and punishments

Private Investigators of Las Vegas can be on the trail of an individual much quicker than the authorities, and in most cases, we arrive back with positive results rather than dead ends.

Legalities of a Skip Trace

There are legal implications of what a private detective company in Las Vegas can do and can’t do. All of our skilled detectives put upholding the law as their main priority. During an initial conversation, we make all clients aware what the implications are and what is deemed legal and illegal.

As we pride ourselves on the highest levels of positive results. Our private detectives will never do anything which would jeopardize a case if it went to court.

How Long is a Skip Trace?

This is almost impossible to answer as there are so many variables at play. Much of the time depends on how well a person who’s skipped Las Vegas wants to hide from being found. As our detectives are on the case immediately, we have foundpeople within a couple of days, and at the other end, we have spent several months finding a person.

As a professional private detective agency in Las Vegas, we understand the cost implications for a Skip trace which drags on for extended periods. You can find some private eye firms will do this to increase their payout.

We respect all our clients,and our private investigators know all the quickest methods of locating a person. These are performed,and if they lead nowhere, a client is informed immediately the search might take longer than anticipated.

What is the Skip Trace Process?

A private detective who is employed by Private Investigators of Las Vegas for such a case will need to use all of their skills, knowledge,and experience. With this each case the process is broken into three steps, no matter how different the situation might seem.

Investigating Records

All records are checked, and our detectives have access to some of the best databases and sources of records. Institutions are checked which can include hospitals, post offices, and courthouses among others.

Background Checking

A profile is quickly built up from the information which could lead to finding a skip trace suspect. If there are family or friends who reside outside of Las Vegas, these are a great starting point.

All of these are done discretely. A person who has skipped town might still be in contact with family members, so if there is any sign they are being followed, it could be the case over.


This is conducted once an individual has been located. Daily routines are built up, and any likelihood they will skip from their new location will be spotted.

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