Software and Electronic Bug Detection

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In this fast-moving society, everything levels up every second thus the quick advancement in technology. But with everything that happens to us have consequences. Even though technology made our lives more convenient, the bad guys also found their way to convenience.

It is not just your physical property which is at stake in this century, but also your information and privacy. If you think your secret is safe with you, think again. Every information you are aware of can be leaked any time soon, especially if you are in your golden thrones at the casinos here in Las Vegas or you are meeting someone for a business deal. Without you even knowing, someone might be already spying on you. It can be through surveillance, GPS tracking, computer spyware, recording devices, or any spy equipment you can ever think of.

Indeed, dealing with the impact of someone spying at one is a big deal. But if you can detect it beforehand, the destructive tumor of your risky privacy can be prevented or easily treated. A recent report from Elite Investigations shows that out of five people surveyed, four of them have adware or spyware programs in their devices. In this case, having a software and electronic bug detection is a heaven-sent preventive measure.

Specifically, we conduct bug sweeps in conference and hotel areas. By checking every inch of the room and leaving nothing unchecked, counter surveillance is always carried out with maximum carefulness. Even if it is the weirdest or unsuspicious place to hide a listening device, we make sure that it will be eliminated before you start to enter the room.

We are aware that cleaning the room for possible bugs is not enough to secure your secrets. That is why are also cautious of those who are planning to eavesdrop on our clients. Our private detectives are always on their foot looking over the area and watch out for possible interference.

With our team of specialists, bug tracking will be a piece of cake. Having advanced tools or a sweeping equipment, each counter-surveillance that we conduct will come out as a reliable and accurate one. By performing a thorough investigation, we will deliver the privacy that you deserve.

Contact us at 702-825-6726 or send us a mail at and we will send you a team of keen specialists to clean up and ensure that your secret is safe.

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