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Workers comp fraud occurs every day,and apart from the millions it costs each year which arebeing paid for by the contributors, it can put lives and livelihoods at risk.If you have suspicions of anyone committing this type of fraud. We have an expert workers comp fraud investigator who is ideal to help in these situations.

Who Commits this Fraud?

Our investigatorswill fill the gaps and provide quicker results. Over the many years,our skilled fraud investigators have found it isn’t only regular individuals committing fraud.

Workers compensation fraud comes in three sections. You can see it isn’t only regular workers who attempt to take advantage.

Three fraudtypes are as follows:


  • Symptoms are exaggerated for a higher payout
  • Working while receiving disability and not reporting any secondary income
  • Work-related injuries which never occurred are claimed against
  • A non-work relatedinjury is contended as work-related


  • Extra contributions are deducted from an employee’s salary
  • Incorrectly classifying an employee or under-reportingpayrolls to obtain lower insurance premiums
  • Incorrect worker’s compensation coverage is in place

Medical Fraud and Health Care Providers

  • Services never performed, are billed
  • Gaining extra benefits from testing or treatments not required
  • Charging both insurance companies for the same service or treatment

Fraud and Who Loses

Private Investigators of Las Vegas has served numerous individuals and businesses in Las Vegas in fraud cases.Our fraud investigators have come to seehow this affects the very people this insurance is there to protect.

As a professional private detective agency, we don’t care if it is an individual or anyone else in the chain performing fraud. We stand to put a stop to it happening. Here are what happens if this workers comp fraud continues:

  1. Savings are lost – a trusting employee pays their premiums which never reach where they re intended.
  2. High health risks – healthcare providers and dodgy clinics claim while not diagnosing injuries correctly.
  3. Increased Premiums – fraud causes losses, premiums are raised as a way to offset these losses
  4. A business can lose – honest companies can lose money when their coverage for employee health rises to offset losses

Performing a Workers Comp Fraud Investigation

These investigations start with a discreetconsultation. Our experts use all of their skills and surveillance equipment to check for any workers compensation fraud. Our investigators use the best video surveillance equipment to obtain the best results.

If this fraud is from the side of an employee or the health provider, different means are used. Any client will be safe in the knowledge our investigators get the results while protecting them from any exposure.

Government resources are stretched, and responses can too long while attracting too much attention.We’ve been hired by bothindividualsand insurance companies whentime-critical fraud investigations need resolving. Workers comp fraud affects too many innocent people who have no idea they are being cheated until it is too late.

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